Oktober 30, 2008

First snow

After the sunny weekend the weather turns cold and today the first snow has arrived. Not a lot admittedly but then it is still October, just.
Februar 15, 2009


Its February already … time flies. After a prolonged cold spell for most of January with temperatures fluctuating between –5 and –10 degrees, Sommerberg now has over a foot of snow for good measure. Perfect skiing conditions as the snow is still light and powdery. Above giant icicles hang from the Sommerberg hotel […]
Dezember 12, 2009


As the temperature drops to zero the first serious snow of the winter arrives on Sommerberg. Time to get the skis out.
Februar 15, 2010


Powder snow piled high on the tree branches was cascading down in the early morning sunshine today. After weeks of zero temperatures and little sunshine there is no shortage of snow. . Another photo from this morning and below some scenes of winter from previous weeks Meanwhile Rambo the ram and his flock […]
Februar 21, 2010


Several inches of snow fell overnight on top of an already thick cover ensuring perfect skiing conditions for Sunday. At the Grünhütte snow was still falling quite thickly just before midday and many cross-country skiers had taken refuge there.
März 12, 2010


With temperatures still around zero the snow remains good for skiing, at least for the cross-country skiers. The tow-lifts for the ski piste by the Skihütte restaurant were stationary this morning but maybe they will be operating later or over the weekend.