März 17, 2016


Josef Ecker erfreut Sie wieder mit seinen legendären Jodelseminaren auf dem Sommerberg. Ideal als Geschenk für Jung & Alt. Samstags Abend immer mit öffentlichem „Hüttenabend“ Anmeldung unter:
März 17, 2016


SONNENAUFGANGSFRÜHSTÜCK Das einmalige Frühstückserlebnis über dem Enztal. Der auf dem Sommerberg wohnhafte Gitarrenvirtuose Markus Breiteneder empfängt mit uns den neuen Tag. Wir servieren Ihnen ein feines Frühstück mit regionalen Spezialitäten um den Tag gebührend zu begrüßen Frühstück 19,90 EURO Pro Person inklusive Live-Musik. Inklusive Begrüßungssekt und aller Getränke. Wegen der begrenzten Sitzplätze bitten […]
September 12, 2010

Sunrise breakfast

In the Sommerberg Hotel Marcus Brieteneder plays in the dawn with his very special type of relaxing electric guitar music.
April 30, 2010

The silver ‘Solid Blade’ glints in the midday sunshine To Grünhütte and back on an ’all-mountain-bike’. The bike was hired for half a day from Bikers-Paradise located just above the main Sommerberg car park. For more information check their website.
April 16, 2010

Spring flowers

More spring flowers bloom despite the cold weather but the trees are still stubbornly resisting.
April 7, 2010


I hire an E-bike for half a day to put through its paces and discover to my surprise how it is easy to use. The ride from Sommerberg to Leonhardhütte via Wildsee (ca 20km) and back leaves the battery still more than half full. It is an impressive performance and the bike is […]
April 6, 2010

Lambing (cont.)

On Easter Monday another lamb was born but its mother had abandoned it. Despite repeated attempts to get the mother to take an interest she just did not want to know. In the picture the lamb follows Tilman in the hope of some milk having just covered several hundred meters climbing the steep […]
März 31, 2010

Spring flower

The first spring flowers in the forest. Note the six mini flowers inside the main petals. These flowers tend to line the edges of the forest tracks and are similar to dandelions but much smaller.
März 23, 2010

Schirm Hütte

Just after Soldaten Brunnen on route 4 (7.5km) is the quaint Schirm Hütte with its picture window view of the valley and villages beyond. At 830m altitude it is one of the highest huts on the Sommerberg plateaux and well worth visiting.