März 21, 2010

Lambing season

The snow finally melts after a long hard winter and yesterday the first Sommerberg-hotel lamb was born, meanwhile the other sheep keep guard over their new addition.
März 12, 2010


With temperatures still around zero the snow remains good for skiing, at least for the cross-country skiers. The tow-lifts for the ski piste by the Skihütte restaurant were stationary this morning but maybe they will be operating later or over the weekend.
Februar 21, 2010


Several inches of snow fell overnight on top of an already thick cover ensuring perfect skiing conditions for Sunday. At the Grünhütte snow was still falling quite thickly just before midday and many cross-country skiers had taken refuge there.
Februar 15, 2010

Powder snow piled high on the tree branches was cascading down in the early morning sunshine today. After weeks of zero temperatures and little sunshine there is no shortage of snow. . Another photo from this morning and below some scenes of winter from previous weeks Meanwhile Rambo the ram and his flock […]
Januar 5, 2010

A new year

It is a cold and snowy start to 2010 but New Years Eve was celebrated in style with a glass of sekt, mild weather, a full moon and mostly clear starry skies. From our high vantage point on Sommerberg firework displays could be seen for miles illuminating the horizon in all directions. Best […]
Dezember 12, 2009


As the temperature drops to zero the first serious snow of the winter arrives on Sommerberg. Time to get the skis out.
Dezember 8, 2009

Christmas lights

Sommerberg Hotel Bergbahn
Oktober 20, 2009

E-type Jaguar

A rare sight anywhere these days but here seen on Sommerberg today. A fine example of the classic 1960s coupe E-type Jaguar. Das Traumauto meiner Jugend und meines großen Idols… JERRY COTTON, der furchtlose FBI-Agent. Wir haben die billigen Nackenbeißer verschlungen und ausgetauscht, bis sie nicht mehr zu lesen waren…
Oktober 8, 2009

Wildlife poster

The large artscreens hanging on the Sommerberg Hotel façade will soon be removed as winter draws in on Sommerberg. However a free PDF poster download is available for anyone who is interested. All the wildlife featured in the poster are named in English and German. Bfposter .PDF file 255kb