Juli 5, 2008

Blue sky

Another fine day at the mill…
Juli 3, 2008

Frisch gescherter „Rambo“ –

– hat inzwischen (vgl. das Posting „Schafscherer“) schon wieder etwas Flaum angesetzt.
Juli 3, 2008

Neuer Anstrich!

– auch ein Teil der Renovierungsarbeiten: Das Eingangsschild erhält einen neuen Anstrich, ganz in Silber.
Juli 1, 2008

Hotel interior (lower restaurant)

This recent photo shows the lower restaurant area of the Sommerberg hotel. Although the restaurant is not in use and has hardly seen a customer in the last 10 years the exotic décor has survived largely intact. The ceiling is particularly impressive with an art deco influenced relief pattern based on a foliage […]
Juni 29, 2008

Pollywogs to frogs

On my Sunday walk to Fünf Bäume I check the progress of some tadpoles that I first spotted as eggs in a small puddle back in April. Despite several dry periods since then many have survived to become frogs (or toads, see b.r. pic). At the same location I capture an adult keeping […]
Juni 25, 2008


Eine Übersetzung des Gedichts Sprachgitter von Paul Celan – entstanden auf dem Sommerberg – Sprachgitter Wide eyes between bars. Shimmering lids turn upwards, freeing a glance. Iris, swimming, dreamless and cloudy: the sky, heart-grey, must be near. Crooked, in the iron nozzle, the smouldering ember. Through light sense you divine the soul. (Were […]
Juni 24, 2008

Wildlife mural

The image above shows part of a 9m x 4m wildlife mural designed for the Sommerberg hotel facade. All being well towards the end of July we will hoist the first one up. A second version is being designed and it will be installed a few weeks later. Backlit at night the silhouettes […]