Juli 27, 2009


A mass of wildflowers curves away into the distance A wonderful wildflower display seen today. Although not on Sommerberg, but in Bad Wildbad, itwould be great to see such arrangements up here too.
Juli 26, 2009

German Championship (iXS Downhill)

At last glorious weather arrives for the final Bad Wildbad Bikepark
Juli 24, 2009

Deutsche Meisterschaft auf dem iXS Downhill

Biker flies over a new jump Bikers prepare for the German Downhill Championship which starts this weekend.
Juli 23, 2009

Flower power

Hardly a day has passed without some rainfall during this summer. Still, it is good for the grass and also tadpoles. Yes, tadpoles are still swimming about in puddles which gives some indication of the weather so far this year. I suspect the tadpoles still think it is spring and see no urgency […]
Juli 21, 2009

SWR visits Sommerberg

SWR film crew preparing … In glorious weather the first take gets underway … More info on the filming later…
Juli 10, 2009

Artscreen – Wandbild II

To celebrate the Sommerberg hotel centenary year the artscreens, depicting aspects of the Black Forest, have been re-hung. Tilman checks the finished work from his high vantage point before descending to earth. The back-lit artscreens really come to life at night especially when it is wet, which seems to be every day at […]
Mai 26, 2009

Die Stadt am Berg

The sculpture ‘Die Stadt am Berg’ is finally completed and it can be viewed in the top Bergbahn (funicular) station, Sommerberg. The sculpture is the joint work of students from the International Hochschule, Calw, Bad Wildbad and artists and guests who visited the funicular station last year. See blog post Kunstag-Artday, Saturday 19th […]
Februar 17, 2009

Winter wilderness

Another foot of snow overnight ensures a record winter for snow since I arrived in 2006. Meanwhile the sheep tuck into their daily breakfast of hay, their only food source when snow covers the hillside.
Februar 15, 2009


Its February already … time flies. After a prolonged cold spell for most of January with temperatures fluctuating between –5 and –10 degrees, Sommerberg now has over a foot of snow for good measure. Perfect skiing conditions as the snow is still light and powdery. Above giant icicles hang from the Sommerberg hotel […]