Juli 23, 2008

Wildflowers galore

The roundabout to Sommerberg in Bad Wildbad caught my attention the other day with its incredible display of wild flowers, the like of which I have rarely seen before.
Juli 22, 2008

Wandbild – Artscreen installation

Pensive looks from Herr Eckert and Denis as we begin the complex task of unfolding and fixing the artscreen while at the same time dismantling the scaffolding. 1,2,3 hey presto … Despite the difficult task, 3 hours later it is installed without any major mishaps thanks mainly to Herr Eckert, Denis, Zeno, Uwe, […]
Juli 20, 2008

Wandbild – Artscreen

The artscreen is finally completed and installing it should happen Tuesday. Next to the screen there will be an information plaque explaining how it was created and naming all the wildlife silhouettes.
Juli 19, 2008

Kunstag – Artday

Tilman models a clay house for a project under the guidance of student Frau Liebhaber. Dramatic acrylic paintings by Christine Fluhrer, inspired by the bergbahn, have a unique style. Nicole Höger demonstrates the art of printmaking using a technique called ‘monotyping’ As part of the Bergbahn centinary celebrations art students from the International […]
Juli 19, 2008

Redstart chicks

Redstarts are breeding like crazy up on the hill. The lefthand picture shows five chicks that flew their nest in the Sommerberg Hotel some weeks ago and now a new brood has appeared (see righthand picture). Maybe the spring-like weather is the reason.
Juli 18, 2008

Wandbild – Artscreen

The artscreen will probably now be installed next week as the weekend weather looks unpredictable and there are also still some last minute finishing touches to be done.
Juli 17, 2008


Scene from the Sommerberg Hotel terrace. Rain clouds fill the Enztal valley today but it should improve a bit over the next couple of days.
Juli 14, 2008

Wandbild – Artscreen

A worms-eye view of the first screen nearing completion. We plan to install it on Sunday, weather permitting. Eventually it will be backlit at night giving it a new dimension that will hopefully help improve the local environment.
Juli 10, 2008


The last couple of days have been wet, cool and cloudy. Last night on an evening walk through the forest I pass the ants nest that I have documented since the start of May. It is beginning to take shape now though it is still far from the majestic mound that it was […]